TZNA general Hospital

Health is your priority, Ours too.

Patient priority, always.

we apply this approach which involves aligning care among all of a patient's clinicians with what matters most to that patient—especially older patients.

Compassionate Care

Compassionate care may be the best medicine. With a sensitive, caring and upbeat staff we manage medicine that really do exceed your expectations and health care standard.

service excellence

we thrive to consistently meet and manage each patient expectations. Hence, Clinical excellence is the priority in our health center.

Employee health insurance made easy!

Best employee benefit plans provide not only a relevant benefit for your employees by giving them quick access to health treatment but also an accurate moderate result on your company through overcome sickness absence raised employee morale and increased productivity. It can be further used as an effective tool in the recruitment process by offering it as part of the employment package for new staff process.

Corporate Clientel

Medical care can be a large part of the lives of persons with HIV. Continuity of care and adherence to medication are critical for patients to achieve the maximum benefit of currently available effective HIV treatment. Satisfaction with medical care specifically with HIV-infected patients, does promote continuity of care and adherence to medication. With this in mind we value your concerns though and through. 

At TZNA General Hospital, based on your preference, your medical visit can be managed typically within a few days. Weather you come over for your first HIV test of a consulting session, a meeting can be arranged with a Nurse Care Manager or a Care Navigator to discuss any relevant medical history or answer questions about services and care at our facility. The Nurse Care Manager and Care Navigator are on standby to provide you with additional support and education as needed.

Discrution- we do take it seriously!